welcome to zama

Set in a remote oilfield hamlet cut off from the modern world, one man’s journey from childhood to old age is seen through an offbeat story where past, present and future all exist at the same time.

A bored seven-year-old boy, one of the youngest in the hamlet, likes to hang around with kids twice his age. His innocence is in danger when the pack, led by a preppy older kid, takes risky excursions deep in to the woods with increasing dare.
A young man, in the cusp of moving into adulthood, is busy trying to find himself a soul mate. He has his eyes set on a shy and beautiful native girl. The only obstacle in his way is a rackety old sewage truck he drives for work.
Out in the woods, a middle-aged father is deer hunting with his teenage son. Disillusioned with his own life and desperate to connect with his only child, the father gets increasingly frustrated with the teenager’s indifferent attitude. The tension between the pair builds to a climax where one will end up as the target of the other.
As these characters confront the rituals of life in a place cut off from modern world, the three stories eventually converge at a cabin deep in the woods where an old man happens to live. Like putting together the pieces of a broken mirror, his story completes the other stories and in the process reveal something much more than its parts - that of a single character existing beyond constraints of time where the past, present and the future coexist to show the arch of a human life.