Snow is an attempt to glance at the truthfulness that emerges from the fringe figures in life. It reserves a special tenderness for the powerless, the mediocre, the vulnerable and the sensitive characters in this world. They are not so polished, smooth, articulate and witty; they make mistakes just as in real life. They are genuine.
There is no story in Snow, no clever plots - just subjects. The film shows what people are, not what they want to be, or what they should be. There is no criticism, no categorization, no answers, and no analysis.

December 22 is the Winter Solstice - the shortest day and longest night of the year. The harsh and forbidding, beautiful and sustaining profile of the northern landscape is blurred with the drifting snow.

It takes certain breed of men and women to live and work in such an environment. The cold, the darkness and the isolation affects each one in different ways. Life seems to loose its symmetry in these conditions, where sometimes the distinction between what is real and surreal disappear...

Snow looks at a day in the life of one such character, namely Loeffen, and his beloved dog companion Blackie. They are about to drive to the nearest settlement Zama, some 150 miles away. It will take him the full daylight time to drive and buy supplies for the rig crew.He can not help but feel giddy about his trip; just to escape the work and the elements; to get away from the routine, even if it happens to be for the shortest day of the year. Loeffen, however, has a secret mission - to hook up with the beautiful waitress at the cafe, who he thinks has shown signs of interest in him.

Zama, isolated in the woods far from the highways,is too small to have a post office or a bank but just big enough to have a small cafe and an even smaller store. It makes no sense to an outsider to consider Zama as a destination of any sort but for Loeffen it is a welcome change if nothing else.

This small settlement in the middle of nowhere gives Loeffen more than he bargained, as fate and destiny conspire to bring him to an isolated cabin outside Zama for one bitterly cold night - the longest night of the year.

The winter solstice may have an ominous ring to some, but to those acclimated to living in the north, it is a cause for celebration; no matter what the circumstances are; because, the longest night of the year means also the rebirth of the sun.